Too few chairs at the 9th EUATC Conference (May 2014)

A reliable indicator of the success of the first LinquaCert benchmark workshop.

The actor Walter Matthau had already recognized this correctly: For a good table conversation, it's not so much what's on the table that matters, but what's on the chairs.

And on the chairs of the workshop “LSP-BEST® – Competitor benchmarking for language service providers”, which LinquaCert* presented for the first time as part of the EUATC conference on 8/9. The cream of European translation companies took part. Their leading representatives appeared in such large numbers that they had to be followed up repeatedly. A top-class participation success that apparently surprised even the conference organizers in Juan les Pins, France.

But what came to the table was not without its consequences. With LSP-BEST®, LinquCert and LinQua** have developed a unique benchmark system that, in addition to financial success criteria, also determines success factors in the dimensions of customers, processes and employees and presents them as cause-effect chains.

The analysis of these cause-effect chains then periodically provides all translation companies participating in the benchmark system with valuable impulses for improvements in their own company and enables continuous optimization of financial results.
In Switzerland, LinquaCert and LinQua have already held a first workshop on the new benchmark database for language service providers. And we look forward to more and more quality Swiss translation companies taking part.

Find out about the content, objectives, costs and conditions of participation in the LSP-BEST® benchmark system and future planned workshops at

*LinquaCert – International Swiss certification body for language services

**LinQua – International Swiss Association of Quality Language Services

Further information:

You can reach us by phone on +41 44 552 66 19 or send an email to Mr. Markus Kukla, head of the certification body. We look forward to hearing from you!


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