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LinquaCert ISO 17100 und ISO 18587 Basis

Certification ISO 17100

LinquaCert ISO 17100 und ISO 18587 Basis

Certification ISO 18587

We offer you two certificates that were specially created to prove the quality of translation services. They both follow international standards and can therefore be used in all language areas in which you work.

ISO 17100 certificate

The ISO 17100 certificate
defines the requirements for high-quality translation services. Different service processes are examined during certification. The aim is to ensure the consistently high quality of language, style and vocabulary. Equally important are the consistent standards.

The importance of processes and procedures in a translation is often underestimated. ISO 17100 ensures that the project management rules laid down in it are followed, as are the evidence of translator training.

We support you with certification according to ISO 17100 and issue you with the certificate if the check is successful. We are a recognized certification body with experts in all areas of auditing translation service providers.

iso iec 27001

You can reach us by phone on +41 44 552 66 19 or send an email to Mr. Markus Kukla, head of the certification body. We look forward to hearing from you!

ISO 18587 certificate

The ISO 18587 certificate was created specifically for machine translations. It defined the processes in which translations are carried out and processed by computer. Post-editing is a particular focus of ISO 18587 certification. This is where professional service providers differ from free online providers. It is important for your customers that post-processing takes place at a consistently high level. As part of the ISO certification, we explain to you which requirements exist and where there is a need for improvement in your processes.

With an ISO 18587 certification, you can improve the efficiency of translations and streamline processes without having to compromise on quality. You can prove to your customers with a certificate that you work efficiently and can deliver the best possible machine translation.

Sicherheit bei Übersetzungsdienstleistern: Ein ISO 17100 Zertifikat hilft dabei

The right certificate for you!

If you offer classic translations in one or more languages, then you should definitely be certified according to ISO 17100. You can use it to demonstrate the high quality of your services to the outside world. If you also have machine translations in your portfolio, an ISO 18587 certificate is required. Only this guarantees proof of quality in this form of translation.