November 18

How ISO 17100 certification can help your translation agency with marketing

Translation competition is fierce, whether it's a large corporate project or a private document. In order to stand out from the competition, you have to offer quality. As a language service provider certified to the ISO 17100 standard, you can demonstrate this quality and advertise with it.

The most important marketing arguments for your translation company with an ISO 17100 certificate:

  • Quality assurance in the service
  • International standards
  • Transparency in processing

Quality is the best selling point for translation service providers ISO 17100 certification

Those who buy services such as translations will rarely judge by the price alone. It is more important for your customers what quality they get for their money and whether they can trust you.

An ISO 17100 certification means that you can objectively prove process quality. It often works better than ratings from previous customers and your own descriptions. Because with an ISO certification you have an objective representation of your professional working methods, which is confirmed by a neutral party.

You can reach us by phone on +41 44 552 66 19 or send an email to Mr. Markus Kukla, head of the certification body. We look forward to hearing from you!

ISO 17100 is an international translation standard

For large projects, especially for companies, translations into several languages are a global task. As an ISO-17100 certified translation service provider, they are able to demonstrate tested quality that is recognized in most countries around the world. The certification follows an international standard. It includes regulations on core processes, the existing skills, the availability of resources and other activities in the translation program.

An ISO 17100 standard certification creates transparency

In the competition for translation, showing your cards can be a huge advantage. Because as a certified translation service provider, you don't have to hide behind promises. You can openly and clearly demonstrate to your customer that you work according to uniform, customary standards.

What is checked during the ISO 17100 certification?

There is often uncertainty as to what is actually checked in the process of certification according to ISO 17100. The ISO standard aims to ensure that you have the necessary skills and workflows to deliver high-quality translations. In this context, the qualifications of translators and those who carry out translation projects are examined. Incidentally, this also includes external employees.


A certification audit focuses on the following areas:

  • Process flows and quality features and how these are standardized.
  • How professional is your quality and project management?
  • When and how are employees trained and how can you prove this?
  • What competencies does the project manager have?
  • How is customer information protected in the project?
  • What procedures are there in quality assurance (e.g. first specialist translators and then editing by qualified staff)
  • In which subject areas can translators demonstrate special knowledge?

How can you use a DIN ISO 17100 certification in marketing?

The certificate for a passed audit according to ISO 17100 will be printed out and issued to you in electronic form. In addition, you have a recognized certification mark that you can use in your digital media. This describes the ISO to which you are certified.

Specifically, with the confirmation you will receive:

  • The description of the scope of the service (e.g. medical translations or industrial manuals),
  • The certification standard (ISO 17100:2015),
  • The number of the test report,
  • The period of validity,
  • The certification logo with ISO standard number and
  • The QR code for digitally checking the validity of the certificate.

This enables you to present your DIN ISO 17100 certification in words and pictures in all advertising media. In this way, you give potential customers valuable information about your quality standard even before the first meeting.

Time savings for customers due to fewer complaints

Due to the high demands on the translation processes, the quality of the service increases and the error rate decreases. The complaint rate of the companies certified by LinquaCert averaged 0.51% in the years 2017-2019 and was therefore at an extremely low level.

Trust binds customers

Trust is an important tool for customer loyalty. Internationally recognized standards can form the basis for a relationship of trust that is characterized by transparency and professionalism. Your customers take a small risk because your working methods have been checked by a recognized body.


Describe your proven quality on your website
Do not just leave it at the direct evidence of the certification. You can describe the individual areas that are examined in the certification on your own website. This gives your customers a detailed insight into how you work and which standards they follow.

You can reach us by phone on +41 44 552 66 19 or send an email to Mr. Markus Kukla, head of the certification body. We look forward to hearing from you!

Frequently asked questions about ISO 17100 certification

How long is the certificate valid?

Certification for an ISO 17100 certification is time-bound and valid for three years with annual on-site visits. After this time, a re-auditing is necessary. Experience has shown that this takes less time than an initial audit.

What requirements must be met?

As a translation service provider, you must be able to describe the processes of your service. You will also be asked to provide evidence of the skills and qualifications of the employees. Finally, project management, invoicing, customer relationships and handling feedback all play a part in the assessment.

How long does an ISO 17100 certification take?

We recommend that you carry out a pre-audit first. This is used to check in which areas there is a need to catch up. You then have time to make those tweaks. The duration depends, among other things, on the size of your company.

We would be happy to support you in the certification process. All companies certified by LinquaCert demonstrate a high degree of fulfillment of the ISO 17100 requirements with an average of 96.4%. This means not only a good one-time implementation, but also the continuous improvement of the examined companies.

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Does certification pay off as a marketing tool?

The number of permanent employees and the IT structure are decisive for the calculation of an offer. Roughly speaking, certification for less than 15 employees costs less than 2000 euros. The reputation gained and the better quality management through ISO 17100 certification cannot be expressed in concrete figures. In addition to the external impact, the certification has an effect on the way you work: Processes are optimized, you save time and money, especially when it comes to complaints.

That's why you should think about an ISO 17100 certification now

If you want to convince your customers of the quality of your service, certification is the right tool. This enables you to objectively prove that you work in a highly professional manner. Customers can be sure that you act according to international standards, your employees have the necessary qualifications, projects are processed on time and invoicing is based on comprehensible criteria.

Get a quote today through our website or give us a call. We will contact you immediately and discuss the further procedure with you. You will soon have a new, effective sales argument at hand that you can use to convince your customers.


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