Today, you can hardly handle large-scale translations without machine help. While the computer largely does its work alone, there are post-processing processes that must be carried out by humans. In the process of ISO 18587 certification you will learn to master these processes.

What you will find out here
  • Definition and scope of ISO standard 18587
  • Advantages for your work process
  • Sell convincing translation services with certification

What is ISO 18587?

ISO 18587 defines the rules for post-editing machine translations and sets minimum requirements that must be met to demonstrate the translation service provider's (ÜDL) conformity with the standard.

One reason for this standard is that the use of machine translation (MT) systems has become very popular with increasing computing power and artificial intelligence, and therefore the demand for MT post-editing services has increased. At the same time, the call for uniform quality standards has become louder. The ISO 18587 standard provides this standard.

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Es gibt mehrere Mindestanforderungen, die ein Übersetzungsdienstleister einhalten muss, um die Anforderungen der ISO 18587:2017 zu erfüllen. Ihr Unternehmen muss die Qualität von zu übersetzenden Dokumenten vor der Abgabe eines Angebots bewerten, Ressourcen für die Dienstleistung festlegen und noch einiges mehr.

Bei der ISO 18578 Zertifizierung werden drei Bereiche untersucht:

  • The project preparation. Including creating offers, evaluating the request and providing resources. What is important here is whether the documents presented are suitable for machine-based translation. When it comes to translations of family documents and certificates for emigration, for example, this is not the case.
  • The production process. Here the auditors look at the workflow and the qualifications of the employees in the various production stages. Quality assurance plays a major role.
  • The project follow-up. When a project is finished, the follow-up begins. This includes feedback from customers and possible improvements and maintenance of the company's own database.

What advantages does ISO 18587 certification offer a translation agency?

Produktivität verbessern

When you receive requests for large translation projects, cost plays a big role. You can get these under control with high productivity. With a defined process, as described in ISO 18587, every project is treated equally. With the certification you learn how to standardize work processes and thus make costs more transparent. This allows you to translate large projects automatically and use the optimal resources for post-production. With ISO 18587 certification you can make the cost structure transparent to customers.

Optimize post-processing

The process of post-editing machine translations still needs to be done by humans. Only then can you achieve quality that meets international standards. The process of ISO 18587 certification requires you to plan to both document and optimize this process.

The focus is on the claim that every customer can expect the same processes when post-processing documents. This has a significant advantage for you as a translation service provider (ÜDL): you will automatically improve your processes and thus optimize throughput times.

Competitive advantages through ISO 18587 certification

If your translation agency has certification for post-editing machine-generated translations, then that is a clear advantage over competitors. You can use this to prove that you work according to international standards and are prepared to offer higher quality and greater effort in return. Such a globally valid certification sets you apart from other service providers. At the same time, it shows that you are prepared to take on the quality requirements, audits and costs associated with the certificate for your customers.

ISO 18587 certification also means that you deliver extremely high quality post-editing translations. This gives you a selling point that other companies cannot offer.

Customers can trust your translation services

Decisions for a service provider are often made based on gut feeling. Especially when offers are quite close together, trust and feeling play a big role. Since you can demonstrate to your customers through the ISO Standard 18587 certification that you follow an internationally common process and that all work steps are standardized, you create a basis of trust. Certifications create transparency and security – and ultimately a good feeling for your customers that they are making the right decision.

You can reach us by phone on +41 44 552 66 19 or send an email to Mr. Markus Kukla, head of the certification body. We look forward to hearing from you!

Sell more convincingly with ISO 18587 certification

If you receive requests for translation projects that are machine translated and then post-edited, ISO 18587 certifications will help you negotiate. Because with the detailed report that accompanies an award, you can describe every step in the translation and post-editing process.

Your customers not only expect high quality, but also transparency in implementation. There is still uncertainty on the customer side, especially when it comes to translations that are initially based on software. You have to argue against free programs like DeepL. The certificate is objective proof of why your work is simply better by post-editing computer-generated translations.

The process shows the human effort required for editors, proofreaders and technical review of a computer translation. Since this is a standard among ISO 18587 certified companies, customers will have a better understanding of costs. It also increases the security that you deliver comprehensible quality.

Frequently asked questions

How much will ISO 18587 certification cost?

The effort required for certification depends on the existing work processes and structures in your company. In order to determine the exact costs, we recommend contacting Mr. Markus Kukla, head of the LinquaCert certification body (mailto link:, directly. We will be happy to make you an individual offer based on your requirements.

Sicherheit bei Übersetzungsdienstleistern: Ein ISO 17100 Zertifikat hilft dabei
What are the ISO 18587 certification requirements for translation service providers (ÜDL)?

To become ISO 1857 certified, you must offer machine-generated translation and post-editing. If you have already established structures that largely correspond to the requirements of the certification, this simplifies the process.


An ISO 18587 certification brings you several advantages. You can appear more confident with customers, have objective evidence of the quality you offer and can optimize your processes internally. For projects involving machine-generated translations, quality management certification helps you become more productive and provide even better service to customers.

It's best to get an offer made today, free of charge, of course. Our Mr. Markus Kukla, head of the LinquaCert certification body, looks forward to your call (+41 44 552 66 19) or your email to his personal mailbox


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